Missing a good night’s sleep? Dr. Michael Awad talks getting your 8 hours, sleep disorders and more


** ADVANCE FOR STORY FRANCE SLEEPERS BY ANGELA DOLAN ** This photo released by the National Center for Spatial Studies (CNES) shows one of twelve female volunteers talking to a psychologist as she lays in a reclined position during the first session of experimentation at a research center in Toulouse, southern France , April 1, 2005. This study designed to fill in the unknown about how to protect women astronauts from the dramatic physical effects of weightlessness and space travel, requires volunteers to go to bed for 60 straight days. (AP Photo/CNES, HO)

Nick Digilio dives into the world of sleep science with Dr. Michael Awad of Northwestern Medicine.

As Dr. Awad explains, our sleep cycle can be interrupted by a variety of factors and has a huge effect on our everyday lives. He breaks down how much rest you need and what you can do to improve your nightly slumber.

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