Dr. Kevin Most has more answers to Coronavirus questions, weighs in on celebrities testing positive


Idris Elba announces his positive test for Coronavirus (Twitter.com)

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Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kevin Most joins John Williams to answer new Coronavirus questions, found below. He also speaks to the opportunity celebrities have for testing.

1. Q: If no one was in the room since I was last in the room, do I need to wipe everything down again?

A: No. As long as no one else has been in your environment you don’t need to clean again.

2. Q: My pets – Can they spread it?

A: No, they can’t spread it and they can’t catch it.

3. Q: What precautions should I use at the grocery store?

A: There are three easy things you can do to be cautious at the store:1) Wipe down carts or bring gloves.2) Don’t use cash.3) Be very careful about packaging when you get home (Either wipe them down or don’t touch the boxes for at least 24 hours).

4. Q: Should we be washing or changing our clothes everything we come home from being out?

A: No, but if you’re sneezing/coughing or have been around people who were sneezing/coughing then definitely change and wash your clothes frequently so you don’t give any illness to yourself and family.

5. Q: Are there any foods that give us immune support we should be eating?

A: Absolutely! Right now vitamins that are really important for people’s immune systems are Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

6. Q: How long or thoroughly does my Clorox wipe need to come in contact with a surface?

A: The content of the Clorox wipe is actually strong enough to kill germs with contact alone. As long as you let it dry before you touch the surface you will be OK.

7. Q: Should we be touching our mail or getting the newspaper?

A: You can. Just wear gloves when handling these items and wash your hands afterwards. You could also wait a day or two to handle the items to let any bacteria on these items die off.

8. Q: If there is a cleaning service we use…should we still have them come over and clean?

A: If you don’t need the house cleaned right away then there is no need to bring individual(s) into your home and environment right now. 

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