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Dr. Kevin Most

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Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kevin Most joins John Williams to answer more of your Coronavirus questions.

Here the are 8 questions we should all know the answers to by now according to Dr. Kevin Most:

If I get COVID-19, can I get it again? A: It’s unclear. We just don’t know yet. But if COVID-19 is like some other coronaviruses, then the answer would be yes.

Can I get it from money? A: Yes. Absolutely. If you can avoid handling cash at this time, do.

Then should I worry about punching shared numbers at an ATM machine or gas station? A: Yes. Worry and be cautious. Wear a glove if possible. Wipe your hands or surfaces if possible.

So what about ordering takeout food? A: Use carry out. The food will be okay. While the containers may be a concern, wash your hands after handling the containers.

Cab, Uber or CTA? A: If you have the option, Uber may be your best bet. Treat the seating area like you would sitting on a plane and wipe shared surfaces. While the CTA is upping its cleaning, Dr. Most worries that it is hard for them to keep up.

Can my kids play in the park? A: Yes. Normalize their routines as much as you can. Exercise is good. Even the monkey bars should not cause too much concern. Just wash their hands after they play.

If I get it, how long before I show symptoms? A: Depends on the individual. As soon as 2-4 days, as long as 3-5.

Will warm weather make it go away? (This answer from Dr. Aileen Marty on the Bob Sirott Show) A: Not necessarily. Dr. Marty said “If we just look at countries that are already in warm weather or have chronic warm weather you see that their numbers are rising and that’s what we have to pay attention to.”

We will post more answers to Questions We Should Know the Answers To, Vol. II, including:

Can I get it or transfer it?
What precautions should I use at the grocery store?
If no one was in the room since I last used it, do I need to wipe it down again?
How long or thoroughly does my Clorox wipe need to come in contact with a surface?
Are we still saying 14 days for the disease to run its course in an individual?
When the world gets through this, will it all start over again in 6 months, next flu season?

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