COVID-19: What is real-time fever tracking?


"It's very effective, the number one symptom you can measure is a fever."- Dr. William Yates, MD, CEO of Chicago based Yates Enterprises

A technician checks a man’s temperature before conducting a new coronavirus detection test at a drive-thru testing facility in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Thursday, April 2, 2020. Abu Dhabi has begun drive-thru testing for the virus and plans to expand the operation into all of the country’s seven sheikhdoms. (AP Photo/Jon Gambrell)

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Dr. William Yates, MD, CEO of Chicago based Yates Enterprises joins The Roe Conn Show to explain new technology that’s available to test people in real-time for symptoms of COVID-19 in order to allow entry into schools, stores, factories, and other public spaces.

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