COVID-19: The search for a vaccine


"Testing a vaccine on one person cost $25,000 or more...the current vaccines in clinical trials are unproven."- Harvard Professor Dr. William Haseltine

A scientists works in a bio-safety level 2 laboratory at The Rega Institute for Medical Research at the KU Leuven that are currently conducting researches to find treatment against coronavirus in Leuven, Belgium February 26, 2020. REUTERS/Yves Herman – RC2N8F9DILL6

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Harvard Professor Dr. William Haseltine joins The Roe Conn Show to discuss the federal government’s approach to finding a vaccine to fight off COVID-19. Dr. Haseltine recently returned from Wuhan where he chaired the 9th US-China Health Summit & Chair and President of the global health think tank, ACCESS Health International.

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