COVID-19: How close are we to obtaining a vaccine?


"Having at least one drug that can be used is a plus...making sure that it's distributed fairly has be be part of the planning."- Dr. Richard Besser

In this screen grab from video issued by Britain’s Oxford University, a volunteer is injected with either an experimental COVID-19 vaccine or a comparison shot as part of the first human trials in the U.K. to test a potential vaccine, led by Oxford University in England on April 25, 2020. About 100 research groups around the world are pursuing vaccines against the coronavirus, with nearly a dozen in early stages of human trials or poised to start. (University of Oxford via AP)

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Dr. Richard Besser, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Chief Executive Officer & former Acting Director of the CDC joins The Roe Conn Show to explain the medical status of COVID-19, and how close are we to finding a vaccine. Also once a vaccine is found, how will it be distributed among all the people needing it?

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