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This is it folks!  It’s the last episode of Girls’ Night Out and boy is this one going out with a bang!  Join Hannah Stanley for one heck of a closing episode.  Clinical Psychologist Dr. John Duffy comes on the show to discuss some of this year’s biggest topic.  They’ll discuss the Steve Harvey fiasco (where, you know, he announced the wrong winner for the Miss Universe pageant) and why you couldn’t name more than a handful of Miss Universe winners until now.

Then, Hannah and John discuss the biggest Christmas disappointment gifts.  Hey, sometimes you just can’t please everyone!

They’ll also take a look at how you can make the most of 2016.  If you haven’t made a resolution yet then you need to tune in for some great ideas!

Next, Hannah and John talk about the subject of seasonal depression.  Dr. Duffy analyzes why it happens and shares his advice on how you can avoid the funk during the Holiday season.

Later, WGN’s Amy Guth joins the gang to talk about the challenges that come with creating good habits.  They’ll also discuss how a ‘Power Pose’ can help you win the day.

Hannah wraps up the last episode of Girls’ Night Out by looking at moments of gratitude in her life.  We here at WGN Radio are grateful for Hannah’s years of dedication to our broadcast and for a great run on the Girls’ Night Out!