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Over the weekend Leslie Keiling’s family lost their cat after 18 years. She had a funeral & was mocked mercilessly. Is a cat funeral that strange? A Mount Prospect woman is accused of striking officer with car pleaded guilty in DUI days earlier. She also struck a van carrying seven people after driving away from the injured trooper. Garry talked to Rita Kreslin, the Executive Director of the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists about the story, and AAIM’s event next month. Two local actors died in freak, unrelated accidents over the weekend. A blind man who says he was injured last fall when he fell off of Stearns Wharf is suing the City of Santa Barbara, saying that the wharf should have railings. A new study says that Chicago is the top travel destination for closeted gay men. Tom Skilling joined Garry fresh off of the debut of the new 4pm newscast on WGN TV. An observant 9-year-old boy helped stop an alleged thief from stealing his dad’s expensive bicycles Saturday, and helped police catch the man in the process. Plus, experts predict that in a decade, there will be just three areas in the continental US where the sky will be dark enough to see the Milky Way clearly.




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