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WGN TV meteorologist Jim Ramsey joined Garry Meier and recorded another “Pure Chicago” commercial in an effort to boost Chicago tourism. This edition focused on the arrival of bed bugs in the city. Leslie found an anti-homosexual propaganda film from 1961 that is absolutely amazing. A couple hit the jackpot on the Lion’s Share slot machine at MGM Grand hotel-casino that had never paid up before, winning $2.4 million. A former aide for JFK Jr. says that if he had lived, he would be President now and not Barack Obama. Garry, Jim and listeners also talked about bands who went through ugly break ups. A man in Michigan is going to have surgery to correct his swollen, 100 pound scrotum. A Portland woman said she found a sharp metal blade in a pizza that was delivered to her home. Plus, a Denver family is angry at an airline they say lost their diabetic and slightly forgetful mother.



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