Frank’s Favorite Things: There is a skinny side to gelato

Franks Favorite Things

Frank Fontana eating gelato

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Two of 16 contestants that will be participating in the Gelato World Tour in 2017.

Jessica’s is named 606- Inspired by our many Chicago neighborhoods and diverse food scene, “606” delicately layers roasted peanuts, sweet coconut, saffron, honey, curry powder, vanilla, ginger and caramelized cashews to create an intriguing flavor profile.

Baron Gottsacker of Bent Spoon Gelato, Windy City S’mores is a new take on a classic American flavor. Using Chicago’s own Katherine Ann Confections’ marshmallows and rich chocolate stracciatella with a smoked graham cracker milk to get the true campfire experience.

The top 16 gelato flavors of the Americas East were selected by a Jury directed by Emily Ellen (chef, food writer and culinary educator best known as the “Retro Rad Chef” from Food Network).

Here’s some “skinny” on Artisan Gelato:

  1. Ice cream has 30% fat, gelato only has 7.
  2. Ice cream has 70% more air than gelato.
  3. Gelato is made fresh every morning from only the freshest natural ingredients.

The top three flavors and artisans will represent the Eastern Americas at the Grand Finale of Gelato World Tour to be held in Rimini, Italy in 2017.



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