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Legendary radio host, Kathy Hart, co-hosted with Frank Fontana this past Sunday on the Frank Fontana Show. Frank and Kathy started off the show by getting to know each other a little better and talking to Kathy about her past endeavors in the radio business and where she has been for the past year. After that Frank and Kathy are joined in-studio with celebrity chef Kari Karch who talked to us about some fun and easy recipes for this halloween season. For more information about Kari and her recipes go to Frank, Kathy and Kari also talked about what it’s like being a vegan and discussing whether or not it’s a healthy life style choice. Frank and Kathy ended the show with a fun halloween song guessing game with listeners. Listen to hear Frank’s falsetto.

Tune in on Wednesday from 1-3pm central to hear Frank and Kathy behind the mics again!