Frank Fontana 6/5/16 Show

Frank Fontana

Frank with Invisible Art

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Office of the future: Companies are also using design to attract and retain employees and to convey an expression of their culture. Creating dynamic work places that are less formal, more color more energy, how to make the office of the future at home.

Chicago Transit Authority: Vintage buses and rail cars so the public can see more often. The Heritage Fleet program is an effort to preserve more than 100 years of history. The historic vehicles will be used for charters and other public events.

Making art visible only when it rains: Rain arte made of images, designs, quotes and other creative visuals. Using a unique, non-slippery and environmentally safe product that is invisible when dry. Brian Oster of OC IMAGE WORKS did his magic in the studio with Frank Fontana and WGN Radio logos.

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