Dr. Darren Weissman talks to Frank and Kathy about The Lifeline Technique, The Subconscious Mind, and MORE!

Frank Fontana
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To kick off the show Frank and Kathy were joined on the air with Dr. Darren Weissman. Dr. W is featured in the documentary Heal and is a best-selling Hay House author and developer of the Lifeline Technique. He is also the developer of the Lifeline technique.  Dr. Weissman’s passion is teaching people how to intentionally change the emotional programs of the subconscious mind and does a few sessions on the air with Frank and some callers. To learn more about Dr. Weissman and the Lifeline technique click here!

[audio http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3568199/3568199_2018-11-18-173439.64kmono.mp3]
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