A New Window into Wright, Taste of Evanston & Leave the Fireworks To The Pros

Frank Fontana

Taste of Evanston in the Frank Fontana Show.

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Blair Kamin–  Chicago Tribune’s architecture critic since 1992
Article: A new window into Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright is at risk of being analyzed to death. Can there really be anything new to say about this protean architectural genius who designed earth-hugging Prairie style houses as well as an un built mile-high skyscraper for Chicago.  Wrights Gardens mixed exotic plants with native ones.

Leave the Fireworks to the pros- Lt. Richard Olsen
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is reinforcing this Fourth of July. Fireworks annually cause devastating burns, injuries, fires, and even death, making them too dangerous to be used safely by consumers.
Taste of Evanston-  Started as a small fundraiser just three years ago and is already an official food festival with a distinctly Evanston flavor.
4th. of July Cocktails with a BANG–  Entertaining the epic way with festive drinks.

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