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Frank Fontana

Frank Fontana & SOFA Chicago

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Christy Webber Landscape- Adrian Medina
His crews maintain Wrigley Field all junipers in center field pruned twice a year and we remove dead foliage and replace plants as needed for the Cubs.

Donna Davies, SOFA CHICAGO Fair Director

The 23rd annual SOFA CHICAGO fair returns November 3-6 to Navy Pier and features the artwork of 500+ artists represented by 70 worldwide galleries.

ChiArts Special Exhibit artist, Shaquita Reed

This year’s fair will offer Show-Stopping works of art including massive glass and ceramic sculptures, stunning jewelry, furniture, fiber art, Glass Blowing and Wood.

Fire Prevention Week – Alliance Executive Director Philip Zaleski                                                  

The campaign encourages residents to find the “date of manufacture” on each smoke alarm and replace each smoke alarm 10 years from its respective date to ensure proper operation in the event of a fire.

The Worm Massage- Karen Atkins.

The Original Worm is a universal body and muscle massage roller with a “worm-like” design.  It is made out of solid and pliable rubber balls and encased in a durable, hand-washable neoprene covering.

The Worst Colors To Paint Your Home- According to research.

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