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This week Paul goes behind the curtain for a fun-filled show in theater and music.  First up, “Come from Away” star James Earl Jones II talks about the power of this 9-11 related musical and the positive light is sheds on what is GOOD with humanity (Playing at Cadillac Palace Theater Thru 8/11).

Then (beginning at 14:47 into the show, the director and cast members from the fresh from Broadway premiere of “Head over Heels,” talk about this musical that puts the music of the Go-Gos to the story of a royal family who goes on an outrageous journey to save their beloved kingdom from extinction. Stars Jeremiah Alsop (Musidorus), Frankie Leo Bennett (Basilius) and co-director Derek Ban Barham talk about this intimate fun show by Kokandy Productions playing at Theater Wit thru August 25th.

Next up, (beginning at 25:53 into the show), it’s been 55 years since the Chicago-based iconic band known as the Ides of March came together and now they celebrate the anniversary with a new release of their hits both on CD and vinyl called “Play On.” Life long friends and bandmates Jim Peterek and Bob Bergland tell how to order the new release and they share upcoming dates for the group (including a huge night at the Genesee Theater on October 26th featuring other great rock and roll stars).  Oh and the story behind their hit Vehicle may just make you smile…

And finally (starting at 39:40 into the show), the writer and stars of “Now & Then”, a same-sex love story of a couple who we watch grow from when they meet in their 20’s and for the decades that follow..a story guided by the music of their lives.

A podcast episode rich in great theater and a bit of the soundtrack of our lives….Check it out!