The Last Two Irrawaddy Dolphins on Earth?!

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While traveling in Southern Laos, I learned that the Irrawaddy Dolphin had become virtually extinct with an estimated three to five left in the wild. This low number means that there is not enough genetic diversity in the gene pool and, thus, reproduction is impossible.

While there are many reasons for their demise, most of the Irrawaddy Dolphins died from being trapped in fishing nets. Fishermen were unwilling to set them free as doing so would destroy their nets and, thus, their livelihood.

Certain I wouldn’t see anything, I decided to set out on the Mekong river any way, to explore where these small river dolphins used to live. Then – unexpectedly! – I saw TWO Irrawaddy Dolphins. Locals believe that these are most likely the last two Irrawaddy Dolphins on the planet!

Watch and share this video for something magical, sad and beautiful all in one. You can watch my journey on the Mekong with these last two Irrawaddy Dolphins here:

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