Racist Movies and Why You Should Quit Your Job Today!

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Jones and Mike talk race and Hollywood as Jones expresses his exhaustion with Tinsel Town and their never-ending penchant for lowbrow sophomoric racial humor. Jones, though fed up with Hollywood’s repeated cheap shot racial humor, asks if it’s just him that feels this way. Mike, taking the discussion in a different direction, questions if racial divisive entertainment is being used to distract the masses from the massive wealth distribution that is currently taking place in the US by our nation’s elite. Finally, Mike tells everyone to quit their jobs immediately as he sites 10 reasons as to why you’d be crazy to clock in tomorrow at 9am.

Show Highlights:

01:05 – Jones and Mike discuss the racial undertones in modern day Hollywood.

11:39 – Jones wonders if Hollywood will ever stop making films that take advantage of negative racial stereotypes.

23:23 – Mike discusses his theory that issues of race are being manipulated by the elites in the US to distract the masses from the massive redistribution of wealth that is taking place right now.

34:43 – Mike tells listeners why they should quit their jobs this year.

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