Jones gets existential…again. Are the Scientist at CERN Satanists? Is Ryan Lochte the Devil?


Jones and Mike

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Jones finds himself in the midst of an existential crisis…again. In an effort to turn things around Jones is reading “Managing Your Mind” by Dr. Gillian Butler and Dr. Tony Hope and he now finds himself questioning the pursuit of the meaning of life, is it a productive endeavor? And in another jaunt through tin foil hat land…though we have video this time…the guys discuss footage of what appears to be a mock human sacrifice that recently took place in front of the Swiss nuclear research center, CERN. Can the men and women that discovered the God particle be Satanists? And speaking of pure evil, the guys debate Ryan Lochte, is he a criminal, victim, or agent of an international psy-ops maneuver?


Show Highlights:

00:01:05 – How does Jones “manage his mind?”

00:10:17 – Is searching for the meaning of life a productive endeavor?

00:31:35 – Are the scientists at CERN part of a massive satanic cult?

00:51:15 – Ryan Lochte, criminal, victim, or village idiot…OR all of the above

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