IL Senator and Animal Advocate Linda Holmes Talks to Elysabeth Alfano about Bills 241 and 61


Senator Homes and Elysabeth Alfano

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Every year the Animal Legal Defense Fund announces their Top Ten States for animal welfare laws. For the last 11 years, the state of Illinois has been number one.  Senator Linda Holmes is one of the main reasons for this. On this episode of the Awesome Vegans Podcast and Video series, Illinois Senator Linda Holmes takes a break from her busy schedule to join host Elysabeth Alfano by Skype.

Senator Holmes and Elysabeth discuss two current animal bills, both of which she proposed. Both bills have passed the Illinois Senate and are waiting for a vote in the Illinois House.  Specifically, Bill 61 deals with permits and fees for adopting and fostering animals and Bill 241 would prohibit the importation or sale of cosmetic products or ingredients that use animal testing after Jan 1, 2020.

The two also discuss Senator Holmes’s fight to ban wild and exotic animals, such as tigers and bears, from traveling circuses and fairs.  In 2017, Senator Holmes was successful in getting Illinois to be the first state to ban elephants from performing.

For more information and to see the video companion to this podcast, visit To contact your IL representative to voice your support for Bills 61 and 241, visit http://ILGA.Gov.


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