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If you listened to episode one of our BJJ mini-series, you’re on your way to being well-versed in the basic language of BJJ, thanks to our panel of experts. To help us now dive further into the world of jiu-jitsu, we welcome Valerie Worthington.

After 18 years of training, Val is a black belt who’s accomplishments reach far past the mat: she has written two books on BJJ, traveled and trained around the country, and co-founded Groundswell Grappling.

Valerie, Sam Spiegelman, and Rachel Woodall discuss how men and women can get the best out of training with one another, the importance of communication, and male/female dynamics. Also on the podcast: Val’s exciting career and bjj travels, fostering a good training mentality, and walking in as a white belt.

All of this on today’s episode: Women in jiu-jitsu, featuring Val Worthington.

Link to Val’s Books / Link to Groundswell Grappling

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