Being Black in Naperville and the Glory of Broadcast Bloopers


Jones and Mike

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It’s days of rage and race in Chicago, and Jones finds himself disappointed in the underwhelming fury that is coursing through the veins of Chicago’s disenfranchised. Hoping for a stronger protest march last Friday during the meager Days of Rage “celebration” in Chicago, Jones and Mike are forced to go on a search for rage and find it…somewhat…in an essay by native Napervillian, Brian Crooks, a young African-American man that struggled to find acceptance in the great bastion of western suburban whiteness. Shifting from rage to age the guys discuss what constitutes age appropriate attire and then they seamless transition into a discussion of their favorite news bloopers.


Show Highlights:

00:01:07 – Jones is disappointed with the lack of rage during Chicago’s Day of Rage protests.

00:13:30 – The guys discuss the life and times of Naperville’s native son, Brian Crooks.

00:41:53 – Dressing for your age. It’s really a must.

00:59:44 – Jones and Mike watch and discuss their favorite news bloopers.

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