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While staying true to the setting of the newly released film on Netflix which was filmed in Chicago, Executive Producer Chris Robinson wanted to make sure “the people from Chicago are proud of this film as we are proud of this film.”

This coming-of-age emotional drama highlights family, mental health and music.  An unlikely friendship is developed between a security guard (Anthony Anderson) and a reclusive teenage musical prodigy (Khalil Everage).  They unite because of their love for hip hop which helps them fight  disparities together.

Robinson and Anderson asserts that authentic representation of Chicago was the goal with this film.  Therefore, you will hear music from Chicago artists and watch Chicago’s own, Khalil Everage take on his acting debut.  This film was also written by a Chicago native, Miles Felsott.


Click here to hear an interview with (Producer) Chris Robinson and (Executive Producer/Actor)  Anthony Anderson:


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