As America Explodes Jones and Mike head for the hills!

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Drinking and M-80s notwithstanding Jones prepares for his annual “mancation” as he tells Mike about a childhood experience that has caused him to shun fireworks forever. Mike bemoans the gluttonous nature of the holidays and the Superbowl; and Jones talks about taking candy/cookies from babies.  Closing out the show the guys discuss a man takes his own life in front of festival attendees.



Show Highlights:

01:08 – Mike feels that people lose their mind on weekends.

09:30 – Jones and Mike discuss fireworks videos and Jones details an experience from his youth that likely lead to his hatred of fireworks.

19:53 – Mike talks about the glutinous attitudes that surround the holidays, and

Jones talks about withholding cookies from homeless children.

35:30 – Jones and Mike talk about a man killing himself in front of a festival crowd.

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