The Art of Voting: Words from Rick Pearson, Chance the Rapper & Election-savvy Parents

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Last week was a historic one for Chicago – after 108 years, our beloved Cubs won the World Series! Then, our rally for the team’s win became one of the largest gatherings in human history. It’s a great time to be in the windy city – there is a joyful buzz in the air.

That said, this week will also be a historic one – but the stakes are far more serious. On Tuesday, November 8, we will elect a new president.

In this episode of three parts, Rachel speaks with various guests, including the Chicago Tribune’s Rick Pearson, David and Lorna Woodall, and Kevin Le. Part three brings a special appearance from Chance the Rapper.

Voting today is essential! Listen to the podcast below as we all await the results of this election together.

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