Art in 2016: Giving thanks for our favorite art of the year


Artistic License

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This post was originally made on Thanksgiving 2016, but it was lost in the shuffle and fell into a black hole on the interwebs. As the new year approaches, we again find ourselves taking the time to reflect on the ups and downs of 2016. 

We reflect on the good and the bad; the big moments that change our lives, and the small moments that make us smile. We are grateful for the things that get us through our days and the people who are there beside us.  And while we reflecting on the different areas of our lives which bring us joy, undoubtedly we will run into some art. In fact, I’d wager that every single one of you is thankful for the presence of an art in your life.

Today’s podcast is a reflection – both mine and listeners’ – on the art that made this past year great. From music and movies to literature and movement, we notice and appreciate the art in our lives. Featuring the voices of many listeners and ones you may recognize from WGN radio: Dr. John Duffy, Elliott Serrano, Christy Rodes, and Kristin Decker. 


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