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The first season of ‘Ambitions‘ on OWN Network has been heating up households and social media since its premiere June 18th.  What more could you expect when there’s a hot and seasoned cast line-up?

Ambitions on OWN

This drama series explores the deceitful lifestyles of prominent blacks and power couples (now that’s a story line you don’t see too often).  Even though everyone is connected in some type of way, there are a lot of twists and turns.  This show is not predictable!

Yohance Myles who plays Councilman Kent Hamilton was a late but great addition to the mostly seasoned cast.

His character has shown us chivalry hasn’t died.  Male and female fans are so impressed by his on-screen persona that they are curious to learn more about this rare, southern gentleman.

Yohance is getting full enjoyment out of dodging questions from his curious fan followers especially involving details about the growing relationship with love interest Rondell Lancaster ( Brely  Evans).  In reference to Councilman Kent’s feelings he did say, “he is falling in love with something.”

Well in order to find that out you would definitely have to tune in to OWN Network on Tuesdays at 10/9c, but will he give us ANY spoilers?

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