A Gab with the Gilmore Guys: Art, the Evolving Podcast Community & the Gilmore Girls Fandom


The Gilmore Guys performing Thalia Hall in February 2016 (Photo: Artistic License)

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Gilmore Girls is a show which has earned truly it’s place in our cultural lexicon. Even if you haven’t seen it, you’re bound to know something about it. The Gilmore Girls are a fast-talking, coffee-loving, pop culture-spouting mother and daughter duo.
Although the show ended it’s run in 2007, it has retained a large, loyal fanbase. The show’s intro to Netflix in 2014 sparked a new bout of fans and even generated enough buzz to award the show a Netflix revival. But this return also sparked another idea, one which also has grown into a pop culture phenomenon: The Gilmore Guys podcast.

Kevin Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe are The Gilmore Guys. Their podcast has been chronicling each episode of Gilmore since 2014. They have had an extreme amount of success, recording over 200 hours so far and touring the country doing live shows to sold out crowds.

Rachel Woodall talks with Kevin & Demi about the evolution of podcasting, the power of the Gilmore Girls, and more.

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