01/13/15: Lamenting The End Of ‘Ladykiller’ El Chapo’s Run and The Thing On Urlacher’s Mellon


Jones and Mike

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Ever the fan of bad boys and malcontents, Mike confesses to rooting for International drug peddler, El Chapo Guzman as he worked to evade US and Mexican authorities for the last several weeks. Not supporting his murderous behavior or pushing of various narcotics Mike, strangely, found himself hoping that Guzman would continue his elusive jaunt while Jones, on the other hand, simply fixates on Guzman’s second wife as he wonders why she was not hotter. While on the topic of “hot or not” the guys wonder what Brian Urlacher is doing with hair, and if his new quaff reduces his masculinity. Urlacher’s rug notwithstanding, and yes, I guess it’s not a rug technically, the guys continue with their weirdness as they discuss odd dreams that they have been having throughout the week.


Show Highlights:

01:06 – Mike admits to rooting for El Chapo while on the lamb from law enforcement.

12:48 – Jones wonders why El Chapo’s second wife wasn’t more attractive.

30:17 – Jones and Mike discuss Brian Urlacher’s new hair.

46:18 – Mike confesses to having a dream about Conor McGregor, and Jones dreams about Bono and Sir Paul McCartney.

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