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Dean, Dave and Andy reminisce on last week’s Treetime Special, especially their recreating of famous scenes from ‘It’s A Wonderful Life.’ Then, Dave Schwan delivers a Far Flung Forecast from the birthplace of Rutherford B. Hayes.

Doctor Kevin Most is the Chief Medical Officer at Northwestern Central DuPage Hospital. Dr. Most joins Dean to discuss the latest COVID-19 numbers and news. Dr. Most says we may have lost a week or two of progress during the election. He says we’ve become a little relaxed in restaurants and grocery stores and that we’re “not as diligent as we were before.”

‘This Week in Theater’ features two Chicago productions. First, Dean talks with Wendy Whiteside, Artistic Director at the American Blues Theatre, about the virtual production of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life.’ Then, Tellin’ Tales Theatre’s Tekki Lomnicki discusses their historic Chicago radio production.

Dean sat down with Matthew McConaughey to talk about his time during COVID-19 and his new book, Greenlights. The book is a collection of thousands of journals that McConaughey has kept over the years that highlights the times in his life that are categorized as “green lights,” “yellow lights” and “red lights.”

Butterball Turkey Talk Line Supervisor Bill Nolan answers all of your questions about preparing, cooking and eating your bird this Thanksgiving. Tune in next Sunday, November 22nd as Nolan rejoins the show for a second edition of the Turkey Talk Line on WGN Radio.