Dean Richards’ Sunday Morning | March 15th, 2020 | Dr. Kevin Most, Lori Lightfoot, coronavirus and anxiety

Dean Richards' Sunday Morning

Dean Richards

Doctor Kevin Most, Chief Medical Officer at Northwestern Medical Central DuPage Hospital, talks with Dean Richards about the latest on the coronavirus. Dr. Most discusses topics such as how readily available testing kits are in the country, whether or not you should still go to the doctor, and what precautions you should be taking when you go to vote on Tuesday.

Is it human nature to fear and panic in a time of uncertainty? Doctor Debra Kissen is the CEO of Light on Anxiety. Dr. Kissen joins the show to talk about the empty shelves and grocery stores and describes the human nature that is behind the panic buying of toilet paper. Plus, Doctor Maha Zayed at the OCD & Anxiety Center reminds you to put things in perspective and think rationally during the time of uncertainty.

‘This Week in Theater’ features theater critic Kris Vire who talks about the closing of theaters and production and what it means to the community. Listen to the conversation, below, and read more from Kris Vire at

Mayor Lori Lightfoot holds a press conference at O’Hare Airport to address the crowds and delay of travelers as they passed through the airport. Mayor Lightfoot also discusses new restrictions on bars and restaurants.

This week’s ‘Food Time’ show features Loreto Locascio, bakery manager at Palermo Bakery, to talk about zeppoles, the sweet Italian treat. Locascio talks about the different types of zeppoles that his bakery has to offer and how his business is surviving during the coronavirus. Support this local bakery by visiting their website at

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