Dean Richards’ Sunday Morning | June 14th, 2020 | Pete Davidson, Chicago Architecture Center, Illinois State Parks, and more…

Dean Richards' Sunday Morning

Dean Richards talks love at first sight with listeners

Dean opens the show up by talking with the Sunday crew about their scary movie memories in light of the anniversary of ‘Jaws’. Then, listeners chime in with the scariest movies they’ve seen.

Chicago’s Phase 3 includes the reopening of many services including outdoor locations like the Chicago Riverwalk. Michelle Woods is the Project Director for the Chicago Riverwalk and joins the show to discuss the reopening of one of Chicago’s most beautiful walks. (39:05)

‘This Week in Theater’ features Vicki Quade who talks about her “fun, silly, unexpected” ‘Christmas Bingo: Summer Edition’ production. The online streaming production serves as a fundraiser for the Daughters of St. Paul, whose bookstore was looted and damaged during the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Quade also talks about the reopening of the Royal George Theater and says that she hopes to do everything in her power to make her audience members as comfortable as possible. Visit to donate to the Daughters of St. Paul and to buy tickets. (1:03:53)

On Saturday, June 27th Garth Brooks will perform at hundreds of drive-in movie theaters across the country. An early release shows that McHenry’s drive-in theater will be one of the theaters hosting the concert. Dean reminiscences on drive-in theater memories and opens up the phone lines to talk with listeners about their vivid drive-in memories. (1:20:37)

Lynn Osmond is the President of the Chicago Architecture Center and joins Dean Richards to discuss the reopening of the CAC’s famous walking and boat tours. Osmond says there are a few obstacles the CAC faces for the river tours but that they plan to start on June 26th. Osmond says that the walking tours start next week on June 20th and discusses a few of the changes in Chicago’s architecture. (1:32:22)

Colleen Callahan is the Director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and talks about the reopening of Illinois State Parks. Director Callahan talks about the “new appreciation” for Illinois State Parks that has grown out of the pandemic. Callahan says that Illinois residents have done a great job of abiding by the rules put into place by the state and outlines what you will encounter while you’re visiting a park. (2:12:01)

Phil Vettel talks about the high demand for restaurants in Chicago and recommends his favorite outdoor dining locations. Vettel says that while there is a demand to eat out there will be a combination of factors that will lead to the closing of some restaurants who cannot sustain themselves during the lower dine-in capacity levels. Vettel also discusses the types of restaurants that will survive and the ones that won’t. (2:30:51)

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