Dean Richards’ Sunday Morning | July 19th, 2020 | Henry Winkler, remembering John Lewis, Ice Cream and more…

Dean Richards' Sunday Morning

Dean Richards

On the morning of the first spring training game between the Chicago Cubs and White Sox, Dean Richards takes a look back at classic home run calls and suggests a few new calls for Andy Masur. Plus, Andy talks about the logistics of the 2020 baseball season from a broadcaster’s standpoint.

Doctor Michael Roizen is the Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Roizen joins Dean Richards to talk about the latest COVID numbers, answer listener questions, and discuss how you should sleep to help your body to fight coronavirus. Read Dr. Roizen’s “What to Eat When” book for tips on how you can improve your health and life through food. (19:15)

“Judy and Liza — Once In A Lifetime” managed to squeeze five shows in at the Greenhouse Theater before the pandemic hit, now they’re coming back. Nancy Hays (Judy Garland) and Alexa Castelvecchi (Liza Minnelli) join the show to discuss the details of their reopening on July 24th. The 90 minute production is a tribute to the famous mother-daughter duo and celebrates “classic songs, joyful movement and affectionate banter.” Visit for more information or to purchase tickets. (1:01:37)

Dean Richards sat down with Henry Winkler over a Zoom call to talk about Winkler’s appearance on the Chicago Public Library’s “Live From the Library.” The event took place last Friday and featured Winkler reading the first chapter of his children’s book “Hank Ziper.” (1:38:14)

Matthew Nickerson is the owner of Private Historian and is an expert Lakeview historian. Nickerson joined Dean Richards to discuss the extensive history of Lakeview including its origins and transformation to present-day. Nickerson also gives his recommendation of the first places to visit and dine at in Lakeview. (1:46:53)

Thanks to President Ronald Reagan, the third Sunday in July is always National Ice Cream Day. Dean celebrates the occasion by talking with listeners about their go-to spots for ice cream in Chicago, some old and some new. (2:00:06)

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