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Dean kicks off the show by wishing Elton Jim a happy birthday and asking the crew about what celebrities they share a birthday with. Dave Schwan is out today but Dean, Andy and Elton Jim all came prepared to share a Far Flung Forecast. Andy takes us to Tupelo, Mississippi, while Dean heads to San Francisco, California, and Elton Jim travels east to New Rochelle, New York.

Dr. Kevin Most joins the show to talk about the safety of children in schools during the spike of the omicron variant and whether or not children should be learning in-person or virtually. Plus, Dr. Most answers calls and texts with questions from listeners.

Dean shares his A-List interviews with Penelope Cruz and Jessica Chastain to talk about their new film, ‘355.’ Plus, “This Week in Theater” features Sean Grandillo and Sasha Hutchings of the new production of ‘Oklahoma’ at CIBC Theatre.