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Dean Richards is back in the studio! Dean and the crew start off the show by talking about strange interviews, Christmas decorations, and a Far Flung Forecast from Warm Springs, Georgia.

Doctor Robert Murphy is the Professor of Infectious Diseases at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine. He joins Dean Richards for this week’s COVID-19 update segment. This week Dr. Murphy talks with Dean about the new COVID-19 variant and its relation to the vaccine and antibody. Dr. Murphy says the vaccine will need to be adjusted if the virus variant is not controlled. Then, Dr. Murphy answers calls from listeners.

NewsNation’s National Political Correspondent, Dean Reynolds joins the show to discuss Georgia runoff elections and lawmakers’ plan to object electoral college results. Reynolds says he doesn’t put much into the early polling since the pandemic is playing a big factor. Reynolds also speculates on why some lawmakers are deciding to oppose the election results.

Jim Bohannon’s nationally syndicated show is coming to WGN Radio, overnights. Starting January 5th from 1:00-4:00a Bohannon can be heard on the WGN airwaves. Bohannon joins Dean to talk about Chicago memories, classic radio, and what WGN listeners can expect to hear on his show.

This week’s Food Time segment features Christine Palumbo, an award winning Chicago-area registered dietitian and nutrition expert. Palumbo gives helpful tips on how to successfully tackle your New Years eating resolutions.