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Dean opens up the show by wishing Betty White a happy birthday and talking to dogs who may be listening in. Dave Schwan is out so Andy Masur delivers a Far Flung Forecast on behalf of Schwanny.

Doctor Kevin Most is the Chief Medical Officer at Northwestern Central DuPage Hospital. He joins Dean Richards every Sunday morning at 9:30 to discuss the latest COVID-19 news and to answer your questions. This week, Dr. Most discusses the different COVID-19 variants that are concerning doctors. He says the biggest concerns are how contagious the variants are, how fast they will spread, and if they’ll have more of an impact than what we’ve seen so far.

Betty White turns 99 today! Dean remembers his 2009 conversation with White when she joined him in-studio.

Josephine Lee is the President and Artistic Director of Chicago Children’s Choir. Lee joins the show to discuss the choir’s upcoming performance this week for Joe Biden’s inauguration.