Those We Lost 2021: Ed Asner, Jessica Walter, Charlie Watts, Cecily Tyson, Bob Dole, Hank Aaron and more

Dave Plier

Those We Lost in 2021 (Top to bottom, left to right): Mary Tyler Moore Show LOS ANGELES – JANUARY 1: Ed Asner stars as Lou Grant, in the CBS television series “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” (Photo by CBS via Getty Images) Jessica Walter Appearing In ‘Victory At Entebbe’ Los Angeles, CA – 1976: Jessica Walter appearing in the ABC tv movie ‘Victory at Entebbe’. (Photo by American Broadcasting Companies via Getty Images) Charlie Watts circa 1970: Charlie Watts, drummer with the World’s Greatest Rock & Roll Band in the late 60s the Rolling Stones. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) CECILY TYSON Actress Cecily Tyson is shown on the set of the Flip Wilson show in Hollywood, Ca., in Jan. 1973. (AP Photo/David F. Smith) Bob Dole Appearing On ‘Issues And Answers’ Unspecified: Senator Bob Dole appearing on Walt Disney Television via Getty Images’s ‘Issues and Answers’. (Photo by Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images) BRAVES HANK AARON Hank Aaron, Milwaukee Braves’ outfielder, is shown in a posed batting portrait at the Polo Grounds, Brooklyn, during the exhibition season, 1954. (AP Photo)

Historians Walter Podrazik and Kevin Pokorny join WGN Radio’s Dave Plier to celebrate the lives and careers of ‘Those We Lost’ in 2021.

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