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With Cinco de Mayo coming up, Chicago Tribune food critic Nick Kindelsperger joined Kevin Powell and Michael Piff to talk about some of their favorite spots in and around Chicago to get tacos.

Nick has been working on an upcoming Chicago tacos piece that is due out this week, and we highly recommend checking out his Instagram page to see see what might be featured in it. He tells us what he looks for in a great taco, how there are so many different kinds and we need to appreciate how we should appreciate all the work that goes into making them.

Our conversation isn’t limited to the city limits. Nick, Kevin and Mike discuss some of their favorite places for tacos in the suburbs, including Bien Trucha, Quiubo and A Toda Madre (all part of the Bien Trucha Group).

UPDATE: Nick’s list of the 31 Best Tacos in Chicago has been published. Look here!

After returning from their vacations, Mike and Kevin also share some of their foodie experiences in Florida and Las Vegas.

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