The goal of the 2023 Chicago’s Best Wings Tournament was to promote local businesses in and around Chicago, and we had 32 of them that competed over the past month. Our competitors were chosen by Chicago’s Very Own Eats hosts Kevin Powell and Michael Piff, various wings enthusiasts on the WGN Radio staff, and WGN Radio listeners that follow us on social media.

After 5 weeks and plenty of passion from fans of our competitors, it came down to Wings & Rings and Timothy O’Toole’s in the championship. Kevin and Michael called the winner on the latest episode of Chicago’s Very Own Eats. Listen below to hear it:

Congrats to Wings & Rings for winning our inaugural Chicago’s Best Wings Tournament with 55% of the championship vote. They are locally owned and operated, and just 4 blocks west of Guaranteed Rate Field on the South Side. Also congrats to Timothy O’Toole’s for an incredible effort throughout the entirety of the tournament.

We also highly recommend checking out as many of the 32 competing locations as you can. You can find them here.

Thank you to everyone that voted, promoted and didn’t hold back your feelings about the results of this tournament. We hope you stay with us until our next big tournament by subscribing to Chicago’s Very Own Eats on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. All episodes are available on the Chicago’s Very Own Eats podcast page at

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