We’re not saying it’s a scientific or proven fact, but there’s a good chance that Elmwood Park has the best food per capita in the greater Chicagoland area. Chicago’s Very Own Eats podcast cohost Michael Piff found out for himself when he stopped by to visit Thursday night, as the festival kicked off.

As we learned from the reaction to the Chicago’s Best Beef Tournament, Michael had to grab a beef from the Johnnie’s stand. He also had a stuffed slice from Spizzico Pizza, something awesome called a “Sinatra” from Top Butcher, and a strawberry lemon sorbetto from Massa Cafe Italiano. Below is a gallery of his experience:

The Taste of Elmwood Park is from August 10th (yesterday) until Sunday, August 13th. You can plan ahead for food items to try on their website’s “menu” page. There is parking available near the corner of 75th and Grand Ave, but also along the neighboring streets around Central Park. You can find more information on their website or the flyers below!

Michael will talk more about his experience with Kevin Powell on the podcast. You can subscribe to Chicago’s Very Own Eats on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. All episodes are available on the Chicago’s Very Own Eats podcast page at WGNRadio.com.

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