Is there anything more “Chicago” than Italian beef?

Chicago’s Very Own Eats hosts Kevin Powell and Michael Piff are joined by Sara Faddah and Dario Durham of the 77 Flavors of Chicago podcast to get ready for National Italian Beef Day! Sara and Dario tell their story, how they met and how the podcast came together. After exploring all 77 neighborhoods of Chicago, they share some of their favorite finds and the neighborhoods that more people need to come visit.

Kevin, Michael, Sara and Dario also talk about Italian beef and what World Business Chicago is doing to celebrate Chicago delicacy’s own “National Day” this weekend, with the festivities starting Friday, May 26th at The Chicago Food Stop (located at 875 N. Michigan Ave). From 11:30 AM to 2 PM, they’ll be giving away 500+ free Italian beef sandwiches from Al’s #1 Italian Beef. Then on Saturday, a full day of celebrating will happen, with a live comedy showcase at 5 PM presented by 77 Flavors of Chicago. Sara and Dario explain it all but more info can be found with Steve Alexander’s “Business of Food” report.

Kevin and Michael also use this opportunity to make a special announcement that you don’t want to miss, especially if you love Italian beef and participated in their Chicago Pizza Madness Tournament. Listen to find out below:

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