The podcast that brought you the Chicago Pizza Madness Tournament and Chicago’s Best Beef Tourney earlier this year has a new food tournament for you to vote on, and just in time for football season.

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With recommendations from their fellow WGN Radio staffers and the WGN Radio listening audience, Chicago’s Very Own Eats podcast hosts Kevin Powell and Michael Piff have constructed a 32-team bracket featuring some of the best places to get wings in the greater Chicagoland area. Week by week, you can vote on your favorite spots to advance in the tournament from the Chicago’s Very Own Eats podcast page.

[UPDATE] Round 1 voting has closed and below are the winners that have advanced to the Sweet 16.

Matchup #1: Jake Melnick’s over Albion Manor with 80% of 1,604 votes.

Matchup #2: Wings & Rings over Woodie’s Flat with 52% of 1,628 votes.

Matchup #3: Output Lounge over Harold’s with 61% of 2,034 votes.

Matchup #4: Crisp over Aberdeen Tap with 51% of 1,447 votes.

Matchup #5: The Fifty/50 over Other Side Bar with 64% of 1,518 votes.

Matchup #6: Yak-zies over Uncle Remus with 53% of 1,537 votes.

Matchup #7: Toon’s over BadaBing Wings with 53% of 1,586 votes.

Matchup #8: Bird’s Nest over Cleo’s Southern Cuisine with 69% of 1,504 votes.

Matchup #9: Beck’s Chicago over Gator’s Wing Shack with 52% of 1,465 votes.

Matchup #10: Paradise Bay Bar and Grill over Sports Page with 74% of 2,136 votes.

Matchup #11: Timothy O’Toole’s over Boonie Mac Shack with 79% of 1,454 votes.

Matchup #12: Frank’s for the Memories over Chicago Express Grill with 56% of 1,279 votes.

Matchup #13: Derno’s over Crosstown Pub & Grill with 55% of 1,806 votes.

Matchup #14: Off Broadway over Fry N’ Wings with 60% of 1,445 votes.

Matchup #15: Skoog’s over K-Coop with 54% of 1,453 votes.

Matchup #16: Buffalo Joe’s over Hawkeye’s with 52% of 1,408 votes.

Voting for our Sweet 16 round is underway and will remain open until next Thursday morning, September 21st.

Want to know where you can find and try all of our Chicago’s Best Wings competitors? Find them here!

Kevin and Michael will discuss the tournament and the results further on the Chicago’s Very Own Eats podcast but you can let them know what you think on Twitter at @KPowell720 and @Mike_Piff03.

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