In a world that loves to debate deep dish vs. tavern style thin crust, Piece Pizzeria & Brewery brings New Haven style to the party…and we’re glad they did.

Owner Bill Jacobs came by the WGN Radio studios with Piece pizza and their award-winning beer, and sat down with Chicago’s Very Own Eats hosts Kevin Powell and Michael Piff for a great conversation. They discuss Piece’s origin story, their collaborations with chefs and restaurants across the city for special causes, why “New Haven” style, Peter Skoronski’s draft party, the partnership with Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen, how social media has helped the business and more!

Also, Kevin tells Mike about his trip to Italy! Check out the photo gallery of what Kevin had to eat here. Listen to the full episode below:

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Corrections provided Piece owner Bill Jacobs: Piece sells 2,000 pizzas every week (not 4,000). And 2,000 get takeout while 1,000 dine-in.