Dan Raskin is a fourth generation owner and member of the family that has run Manny’s Cafeteria & Delicatessen since 1942. He joined Kevin Powell and Michael Piff on the Chicago’s Very Own Eats podcast to talk about the staying power of Manny’s, its history in Chicago, why politicians have to stop by while on their campaign trail, what sets their sandwiches apart from anything else you’ve ever had, and how social media helped keep them in business through the pandemic.

A reason why this interview took place was because of the outpouring of support from Chicago foodies that responded to our question on Twitter, “When you hear “Classic Chicago Restaurant”, what comes to mind first?”. Dan reacts to the support and tells us what he thinks makes Manny’s a true Chicago classic.

This was also Mike’s first time at Manny’s Deli, and Dan gave him a fantastic recommendation for his first meal. Spoiler Alert: He loved it.

Find out what Dan recommended, what Mike had and the instant reaction from Mike and Kevin after having Manny’s for lunch. And join the conversation with Kevin and Mike on Twitter, @KPowell720 and @Mike_Piff03!