The Chicago vs. New York pizza debate is a tale as old as time, and likely one that won’t end anytime soon (even though Chicago pizza is better). However, in recent months, an argument has begun within the Chicago pizza community that has left Kevin Powell and Michael Piff a little perplexed: Tavern Style vs. Deep Dish?

Kevin gives his Chicago’s Very Own Eats co-host the floor and Mike doesn’t hold back in his plea for pizza lovers to lay off the Chicago staple that is also part of the identity of the region, deep dish pizza. Can’t we just enjoy both styles of pizza in peace? They’re both pretty great (and better than New York pizza).

Kevin and Mike also discuss other “Chicago Food Takes” that drive them crazy (like getting mad at people who put ketchup on their hot dog) and their thoughts on the Papa Johns crustless “Papa Bowl.” Want to weigh in on the pizza debate or Chicago food topics that grind your gears? LISTEN below and let Kevin and Mike know what you think on Twitter at @KPowell720 and @Mike_Piff03!

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