Much like our Pizza Madness and Best Beef Tournaments, this Best Wings Tournament hasn’t been any less dramatic. We acknowledge that there may have been suspicious actions taken by supporters on both sides of one of our Elite 8 polls, but the problem was remedied and we’ve taken steps to ensure that voting will be fair for the remaining competitors going forward. With that said, below is our Final Four.

[Update] Final Four voting has closed .

Also – I, Michael Piff, who monitors the results on the back-end of our voting system misread the results and published them incorrectly and am incredibly sorry for doing so. Below are the winners that have advanced to the final round.

Matchup #1: Wings & Rings over The Fifty/50 with 55% of the vote

Matchup #2: Timothy O’Toole’s over Buffalo Joe’s with 62% of the vote

Championship voting will begin shortly so stay tuned on the Chicago’s Very Own Eats page or the WGN Radio Facebook Page for when it does!

If you’re interested in visiting some of the participating wings places for the first time, you can find them here!

Kevin Powell and Michael Piff will discuss the tournament and the results further on the upcoming episode of the Chicago’s Very Own Eats podcast but you can let them know what you think on Twitter at @KPowell720 and @Mike_Piff03.

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