Sixty-four Chicagoland area pizza places went into our Pizza Madness Tournament on March 15th. Now we’re down to the “Elite Eats” Round.

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[UPDATE] Voting for the Elite Eats has closed. Below are the winners who have advanced to the Final Feast (aka the Final Four)!

Vito & Nick’s over Pequod’s with 51% of 13,333 votes

Georgio’s over Quonset with 51% of 29,203 votes

– Home Run Inn over Aurelio’s with 52% of 19,353 votes

– Fox’s over Dan’s with 54% of 30,465 votes

Voting for the Final Feast has begun and will run until the morning of Monday, April 3rd. Kevin Powell and Michael Piff will discuss further on the Chicago’s Very Own Eats Podcast, but feel free to tweet them your thoughts and picks at @KPowell720  and @Mike_Piff03!

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