[UPDATE] The results are in and Round 2 voting has closed.

Below are the pizza places that advanced to our “Slice 16” from the Local Chains Region below:

Lou Malnati’s over D’Agonstino’s, 78% of 10,865 votes

– Home Run Inn over Giordano’s, 52% of 12,461 votes

– Gino’s East over Pizano’s 71% of 10,522 votes

– Aurelio’s over Rosati’s, 57% of 13,808 votes

You can see the results of the other regions below!

Voting for the Slice 16 will begin Thursday afternoon and run until the morning of Monday, March 27th .  Kevin Powell and Michael Piff will discuss further on the Chicago’s Very Own Eats Podcast, but feel free to tweet them your thoughts and picks at @KPowell720  and @Mike_Piff03! You can subscribe to Chicago’s Very Own Eats on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. All episodes are available on the Chicago’s Very Own Eats podcast page at WGNRadio.com.