[UPDATE] Voting for Round 1 has closed. Round 2 voting will begin later Monday morning and will go until Thursday morning.

Below are the winners, advancing to the 2nd Round of the Chicago Pizza Madness Tournament.

Lou Malnati’s over Moretti’s, 79% of 3,966 votes

D’Agostino’s over Armand’s, 53% of 3,728 votes

Giordano’s over Beggars, 60% of 4,486 votes

Home Run Inn over Mug’s, 79% of 3,666 votes

Gino’s East over Paisans, 75% of 3,715 votes

Pizano’s over Italian Fiesta, 82% of 3,258 votes

Rosati’s over Tortorice’s, 86% of 4,461 votes

Aurelio’s over Salerno’s, 60% of 3,610

You can see the winners of the other regions’ Round 1 matchups below.

Voting for Round 1 will remain open until Monday, March 20th. Kevin Powell and Michael Piff will discuss further on the Chicago’s Very Own Eats Podcast, but feel free to tweet them your thoughts and picks at at @KPowell720  and @Mike_Piff03!

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