With 80 degrees in the forecast this weekend, we had to start getting ready for Chicago patio season!

Kevin Powell and Michael Piff talk about their favorite spots both in and outside the city to enjoy nice weather, good eats and adult beverages. They also discuss the passing of Bob Chinn and his Wheeling restaurant that has become a Chicago area institution. And they touch on how fast food prices are being impacted by inflation.

Later in the episode, Fifty/50 Restaurant Group co-owner Scott Weiner joins Kevin and Mike to discuss the issues that local restaurants are having with 3rd-part delivery apps like GrubHub, DoorDash and Uber Eats. Scott also describes what a “Ghost Kitchen” is and how to identify one on the apps. Some of our favorites like The Fifty/50, Root’s Pizza and West Town Bakery are part of the Fifty/50 Group.

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